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Empowered Lives | Mental Health Training, Support and Advocacy

Our Mission

Our vision is to empower people by increasing awareness and understanding of mental illness.

We deliver a range of mental health training to individuals, community members and organisations, empowering people to support and assist others experiencing a mental health problem.

We empower people living with a mental illness by providing recovery-focused support coordination for people with a psycho-social disability on the NDIS.

Why choose Empowered Lives?

We bring knowledge, experience and passion for mental health to our training services.

Workplace Mental Health

Mental Health in the Workplace

Everyone wants to work in a healthy workplace.

Identifying mental health problems in the workplace increases early intervention which improves performance and increases productivity.



Flexible solutions to workplace mental health problems

Whether you want to train your staff in Mental Health First Aid, or have a tailored mental health training package for your workplace, Empowered Lives is here to work with you to make your workplace a mentally healthy one. 



Mental Health Costs Australian Workplaces:

  • $4.6 billion in absenteesim
  • $1.6 billion in presenteesism
  • $146 million in compensation claims per year

Mental health training is a good investment.

Australian workplaces can expect a return on investment of $2.3 for every $1 invested in mental health first aid training for staff.

Meet your WH&S obligations.

Workplaces with Accredited Mental Health First Aider’s assist organisations meet work, health & safety obligations.

Our Courses

Mental Health Training gives you the skills and confidence to support family member, friend or colleague experiencing a mental health problem.

Training Home

We run Mental Health First Aid courses in the Greater Sydney area & Melbourne - look to see what course is coming up near you and book instantly

Standard Mental Health First Aid

Giving you the skills and confidence to support someone experiencing a mental health problem with a practical, evidence based action plan. (12 hour course)

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Giving you the skills and confidence to support a young person experiencing a mental health problem with a practical, evidence based action plan. (14 hour course for adults)

Mental Health First Aid Conversations about non-suicidal self-harm

Learn how to support and assist someone engaging in self-injury (4 hour course)

Mental Health First Aid Conversations about Suicide

Learn how to identify suicide warning signs and how to support someone having a suicidal crisis (with this 4 hour course)

Mental Health First Aid Conversations about Gambling

Learn how to identify, approach and support someone experiencing gambling problems (4 hour course).

Consultation and Facilitation

Expert consultation and facilitation services for organisations seeking the input of lived experience.

Blended Mental Health First Aid for the Workplace

Flexibly delivered Mental Health First Aid for the workplace


Engaging, topical mental health workshops run by expert presenters.

Support Coordination

Empowering people on their recovery journey with support coordinators who have the skills and experience working with people with a mental illness.

I’m Kirsten

Principal Mental Health Trainer & Support Coordinator

Kirsten is passionate about mental health awareness and advocacy, and about empowering people to have the skills to support people living with a mental illness. 

As a mental health trainer, she brings to her training a wide breadth of knowledge gained from her personal experience living with a mental illness, as a carer of children with mental health issues and her extensive and varied professional experience. With a focus on recovery and strength-based principles, she delivers training in a way that is accessible to all attendees.



Work With Us

Empowered Lives is always looking for dynamic, passionate and recovery-focused trainers and support workers to join the team.

Whether you are already an accredited mental health first aid instructor, want to discuss ways Empowered Lives can assist you to obtain accreditation, want to provide other mental health training and workshops, we would love to hear from you. 

If you’re a support worker or coordinator who understand mental illness, and works in the recovery model focusing on empowering clients, get in contact with us to discuss joining the team.


Kirsten is able to build rapport with trainees from a wide range of backgrounds. She is an impressive trainer, an experienced mental health advocate and a consummate professional


Kirsten's combination of lived experience, carer experience and wide professional experience makes her an ideal trainer. She was both personable and professional, and flexible to the needs and expectations of the group. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Empowered Lives.


I thoroughly enjoyed both days doing my Mental Health first aid course. I found my trainer taught the course with great passion and enthusiasm.


I have previously worked with Kirsten in a professional capacity in co-facilitation roles and Kirsten is excellent at creating an environment that is warm, respectful and inclusive.


Loved how Meybell made the learning environment fun, safe and comfortable for everyone to contribute to discussion. She was very considerate on how the course content could affect some people and was very understanding of this. Covered the content clearly and efficiently.

– Participant

How to create a mentally health workplace

How to create a mentally health workplace

Have you ever taken a “mental health” day at work? According to Heads Up, the equivalent of 1.1 million sick days are taken each year for mental health reasons, costing Australian businesses up to $6.1B. 

 It’s no surprise that businesses are now investing more in making workplaces that support mental health, and creating a mentally healthy workplace for their employees.

Whether you’re a manager or peer, here are five tips on how you can contribute to establishing a healthier place to work.

Is my workplace a mental-health friendly place to work?

Is my workplace a mental-health friendly place to work?

In this new workplace reality where we are constantly connected to a smart device, working in a never-sleeping global economy, people are valuing workplaces that create safe spaces and support their mental health more than ever. Whether you’re seeking a new job, or want to know how your current organisation measures up, here are a few key signs that your work is doing things right.

Mental Health in the Workplace – Poor Work Environments

Mental Health in the Workplace – Poor Work Environments

Given that the majority of adults spend more time at work than elsewhere, the workplace is a major contributor to people’s physical and mental health. More and more we are hearing about workplace mental health. There is such a lot of information out there, on a whole bunch of topics. 

We want to dive into the issue of mental health in the workplace, and break it down each week.

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If you are experiencing a mental health crisis - please call NSW Mental Health Line on 1800 011 511, or Lifeline Telephone 24-Hour Crisis Support on  13 11 14 

For emergencies call 000 or visit your nearest hospital

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